The Underdog bites back

November 1, 2010

David Davis

I have often been mildly criticised, on here and elsewhere in British Libertarian circles. You know the way it goes… in that way (as one recognises) that you gently admonish a grumpy autistic old man with un-politically-correct and publicly-embarrassing opinions. Some people even think I have contracted a variety of “political Tourette’s syndrome”.

This is about my persistent use of the terms “GramscoFabiaNazi”, and – more recently and with increasing traction on Facebook – “GramscoStaliNazi”. Many of my American friends on the Conservative wing over there recognise the meaning instantly. The positioning of the internal capital letters is important to the meaning and subtexts.

Legiron, today, uses good arguments to show conclusively that the lefty-control-ethic is absolutely and at bottom Nazi in its application.

On other matters:

I hope the LA conference was a success and was sold out as is the custom. Sadly I could not attend this year, having other pressing matters to attend to, and being slightly short of funds…London is a long way and a lot of expensive/highly-taxed petrol away: and, last year each time I and the Boy wanted to get on the “Underground” or a bus, it cost each of us £4-per-station and a queue of angry Londoners whingeing about why we didn’t have “Oysters”, some piece of plastic or other.


What to do now

May 11, 2010

David Davis

This is what I commented on on Facebook, here.

As Dr Sean Gabb has often said, the EU is “a” problem, but it is not perhaps the “real” problem.

It is however very true to say that the EU does make our lives more difficult, for that is its stated objective: but the “continental nations” have found ways around that strategy, like outright disobedience at all levels of their societies. This is something which sadly we English shall have to as a nation re-learn, having spent 14 centuries trying to eradicate it from our Body-Politic, so as to elevate as a principle The Rule Of Law.

The Rule of Law is not, unfortunately, understood by wannabe-green-subsistence-farmer-pre-capitalist-barbarians. These latter droids, horrible-to-relate, exist in vast amounts _/spcecifially inside the UK/_ inside the upper and middle-layers of our neo-Maoist bureaucracy, created in our Universities on purpose while our backs were turned.

The EU could be expelled from at least England, tomorrow, by the act of England leaving the UK, which would of course automatically invalidate ROME, the SEA, Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon not to mention others. Think about this as an interesting strategy…it would at once solve the problem of England, which generates about 90% of the tax-revenue-stream of the UK, while getting the benefit of about 12% of that. It would also concentrate wonderfully the minds of the leftist Nazi caucuses which purport to run the celtic-fringe-governed “nations”: they would be on their own. We could “give them the oil”, if they want, it would not matter either wya by then.

But our Atomic-SuM-Barines and Tornados would automatically withdraw from Faslane, Lossiemouth etc, for then the chaps in HolyRood House and Cardiff will be able to, and will want to, call on FranscoGerman and Soviet protection instead. We shall of course take all our warheads with us, as they represent “pollution”….

The strategic problem faced by England lies in the hearts and minds of the droids who currently work for “the State” here in England. They are not England’s friend, for they subsist by stealing monies from English people, so as to “do jobs” that the majority of Engllish People do not regard as needing to be done.

“Immigrants” are not really the problem: they are only here because so many, many English people have become “State Droids” that there are not enough droids to do the following things. Things like cleaning the toilets in private firms and in motorway-services, repairing pipes and drains on sewage farms, digging holes, ploughing fields in the greatest Mechanised Farm In the History Of The World, killing badgers that have TB and thus poison other people’s cows next door, filling shelves in Tesco, and the like.

“Immigrants” have been brought in to (1) “rub the noses of the >right< in diversity” (the enemy has said so quite cheerfully in documents) and (2) to do the jobs that the bureaucrats now can’t do or don’t want to, and (3) to prop up the gramscoNazi vote. immigrants themselves are thus victims of leftism, and ought to be pitied, for there is now nowhere for them to hide, from their enemies and ours, unless they become really British (and so disappear culturally, like the “Jews” have managed to do) which is the best thing for them.

The real problem lies in our increasingly-ingrained culture of statist employment, which must be broken and soon.

A British State-directed GCSE exam paper in _Physics_ for intelligent 16-year-olds

March 6, 2009

David Davis

I promised it so here it is.

And here’s its “mark scheme”:-

As that was fairly hard, I thought you’d like an easier one, to sober up with:-

And its agreed answers are:-

Yep I thought you’d like that. That’s what people are being told that Physics, the Queen, the Arbiter and the Foundation of Natural Sciences, is all about.

I will publish papers BLY2 (a and b), BLY3 (a and b) CHY 2 etc, and PHY2 and 3 etc as soon as I can hack them off.

The “examination boards” don’t exactly encourage individual people to access the stuff. Their sites and acronymic jargon are deliberately designed to obscure rather than to illuminate. You have really to be an apparatchik to get it. AQA does publish a limited range of recent papers on    –     the others don’t.

Scary video

November 8, 2008

David Davis

This is a bit scary, but hey now! You didn’t come to this blog to be told how nice it is to live under a Panopticon State. This stuff has not been viewed enough for our liking here, so we will forthwith promote it:-

The View from the Bridge

November 29, 2006


I’m David Davis, and I had the good fortune to know Chris Tame for many years in London. Although retired both from active politics and employment, I’m going to contribute a regular log on (mostly) education matters.

This will address what I see as a serious problem, using my daily experience of educating youngsters (which I do because it’s necessary and I’m a scientist and I want others to love science and join me in marvelling like Newton and Faraday, at the work of God’s mind) the ways in which States, principally this one which I know most about, manipulate junk-science nostrums and nationalised curricula, designed and imposed by non-libertarians (I’m being kind there!) to bring about party-political objectives.

Geography, once a noble and hard science, but now in British schools the repository of nothing exccept 60s Marxism, will not be left out. Nor will maths; you will be astounded at what has happened to maths.

That’s all rather a mouthful, but I wanted to see if I could get the essence of the hopefully coming and hopefully regular blog all into one sentence………, I can’t. Never mind, there is plenty of material, and my problem will be what to leave out.

Hello world!

November 28, 2006

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